Dedicated to your health

For your pharmaceutical needs, there is no better place to go than Leeland Pharmacy. You can expect outstanding pharmacy services to ensure your health, your family’s health and that of the entire community.

We offer a complete line of reliable health products and durable medical supplies that are safe for you to consume. We thoroughly check these products, making sure that they are original, authentic and not expired. All of our products and services are made affordable for you to take advantage of. But, rest assured that we will never compromise their good quality.

Each time you shop at our pharmacy, you will be assisted by friendly and knowledgeable staff. Feel free to ask for assistance and we will always be ready to serve you.


To be our customers’ first choice of pharmacy in Florida along with providing good employment to our staff.


To provide customers with pharmaceutical products and services that are affordable with the highest standards of quality so that their general health can be ensured. We will treat every customer with respect and privacy, ensuring that all of their pharmaceutical needs are met.

If you have queries about how we can help you, you can always reach us at 239-230-7966. You can also directly head to our pharmacy.

It is health that is real wealth
and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi